Autism Diagnostic Interview: Revised

A comprehensive interview to aid in diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Author(s): Michael Rutter, Ann Le Couteur and Catherine Lord, Ph.D.

Suitable For: Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and SENCOs

Age Range: 2 - 11 years

Administration: Individual

Timings: 90 minutes

Autism Diagnostic Interview: Revised identifies individuals suspected of having autism or other autistic spectrum disorders. An experienced interviewer questions the parent or caretaker of the individual being evaluated. The interview focuses on behaviours that are rare in non-affected individuals and provides categorical results rather than norms.

Responses are coded using standardised evaluations and results can be used to support a diagnosis of autism or to determine the clinical needs of various groups.

Interview questions cover eight content areas:

  • Subject's background, including family, education, previous diagnoses, medications
  • Overview of the subject?s behaviour
  • Early development and developmental milestones
  • Language acquisition and loss of language or other skills
  • Current functioning in regard to language and communication
  • Social development and play
  • Interests and behaviors
  • Clinically relevant behaviors, such as aggression, self-injury, and epileptic features.


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