Assisting Students with Language Delays in the Classroom

A Practical Language Programme by Francesca Bierens

Assisting Students with Language Delays in the Classroom' is a structured language programme designed for teachers and SENCOs to use in the classroom with children and adolescents with a range of language abilities. This resource caters to the needs of a broad range of students who require assistance with their language development, from the pre-verbal skills of language, progressing through to the skills required for effective, interactive conversation. The resource is accordingly structured within three key sections: the Pre-Verbal Skills of Language; the Building Bricks of Language; and the Skills of Conversation. Features: step-by-step instructions; language charts 200+ activities and exercise. Francesca Bierens is a Qualified Speech and Language Therapist and Primary School Teacher with over 33 years experience working with children with speech and language delays and/or disorders, in the Education, Health and Private sectors.

9781909301573 - Assisting Students with Language Delays in the Classroom

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