Aphasia Screening Test (AST)

A Multi-Dimensional Assessment Procedure for Adults with Acquired Aphasia by Renata Whurr

This is a hugely successful, tried and tested assessment for adults with acquired aphasia. Used by more than 2,000 speech & language therapists, this user-friendly and enjoyable assessment is straightforward to use, easy to interpret and clinically effective. Portable and suitable for bedside assessment, the responses can now be digitally recorded on the accompanying CD Rom. Designed for severely- to moderately-impaired aphasic adults, the AST is a sensitive and comprehensive clinical tool for obtaining a profile of the communication and language processes of listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. The responses are entered onto the computer programme to produce clear test results and profile summaries outlining the main strengths and weaknesses of the patient, thus facilitating treatment plans. Once analysed, the profile defines areas of language disturbances in order to help plan treatment, and re-testing provides an objective measure of changes in a patient's language and communication functions. Used successfully for more than 30 years, the AST is the benchmark for aphasia screening. Now with an interactive CD Rom, this third edition is an essential resource for all clinicians working with adults.

9780863887901Aphasia Screening Test (AST)

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