Anger Control Training

Anger Control Training by Emma Williams & Rebecca Barlow

This training manual addresses the need for a practical and easily accessible guide for professionals working with people presenting with anger problems. It is intended for use by psychologists, OTs, psychiatric nurses, probation officers, psychiatrists, social workers and teachers. - This training manual offers a wealth of photocopiable material, including client handouts and facilitators guides. The appendices contain materials for role-play and relaxation. - 'Anger Control Training' is a comprehensive programme using a cognitive-behavioural approach and designed for the professional to help people change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction Philosophy of ACT Scope of the ACT Programme Contents of the Manual Publisher's Note Index of Facilitator's Guides Index of Assessments Index of Handouts and Worksheets

Volume 1 Part 1 Theories of Anger & Aggression Instinct Theories Motivational/Drive Theory Social Learning Theories Cognitive-Behavioural Theories Relapse Prevention

Part 2 Initiation, Assessment & Evaluation of an ACT Programme Client Selection Planning the Group Client Selection Interview The Assessment and Evaluation of Clients with Anger Control Problems

Volume II Part 3 ACT Programme Guide Session

  1. Introduction to ACT Session
  2. Consequences of Anger and Aggressive Behaviour Session
  3. The Functions of Anger Session
  4.  Beliefs Session
  5. Causes of Anger and Aggression Session
  6. Cognitions - the importance of thoughts in anger control Session
  7. Cognitions - common types of thinking error Session
  8. The Physiological Response Session
  9. High-risk Situations Session
  10.  Lifestyle Session
  11.  Relapse Prevention Plan Session
  12.  Course Review and Future Directions

Volume III Part 4 Techniques and Supplementary Programmes TECHNIQUES Role-play Techniques Progressive Muscular Relaxation Therapy Guided Fantasy: The Beach SUPPLEMENTARY TECHNIQUES Assertiveness Module Enhancing Self-esteem Module Coping with Stress Module Bibliography Index

002 3091 - Anger Control Training

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