Communication Activities with Adults

Communication Activities with Adults

Communication Activities with Adults by Jayne Comins, Felicity Llewellyn & Judy Offiler. With more than 100 graded communication activities for individuals and groups, this practical book is an excellent resource for health professionals and activity providers. - An extensively revised and updated form of the extremely popular Activities Ideas, which was originally published in 1983. - Originally compiled for use with people with dysphasia, this book is also valuable for working with the elderly and day-centre clients, and can be used for group warm-ups. - The majority of activities require little or no preparation and can be adapted to suit different abilities.

Introduction About the Authors CUED RESPONSES 1Short and Sweet 2Barrel of Fun 3Belongings 4Let's Stay Together 5The Great and the Good 6Famous Places 7The Silver Screen 8Food for Thought 9Opposites Attract 10 Two's Company 11 Playing with Sayings 12 Food Hamper 13 You What? 14 What For? 15 Different Quotes for Different Folks 16 Sing Something Simple 17 Name the Star 18 Tune in to TV SHORT ANSWERS 1All About Me 2Alphabet Game 3Different Word, Same Meaning 4On the Ball 5 World Game 6Size and Shape 7Sniff it and See 8Where might you find? 9Job Descriptions 10Male and Female 11 Photographic Memory 12 Retail Therapy 13 Fictional Characters 14 Changing Rooms 15 What Comes to Mind? 16 What, Where and Who? 17 Where Do You Put It? 18Who Said It? LONGER ANSWERS 1Name that Place 2The Fame Game 3The tools for the Job 4Face the Facts 5How do you do? 6'I Went To' 7Guess the Pastime 8Simon Says 9What do you do with it? 10 Room Makeover 11 Highs and Lows 12 Role Playing 13 Cook up a Story 14 The Great Debate 15 Wacky Ways with Objects 16 Title? 17 Gizmos 18 Where or What Is It? NON-VERBAL ACTIVITIES 1A Piece of the Action 2Blindfolds 3Do This, Do That 4Hive of Activity 5Sign for it 6Cacophony 7Draw Your Feelings 8Identification 9Feely Bag 10 Look and Remember 11 Make a Face 12 Miming Matters 13 What's My Line? 14 Pass it on 15 Picture Bingo 16 In the Dark 17 Taste, Touch and Smell 18Pass the Paper READING 1Match the Action 2The Advertising Game 3Sports Bingo 4Room Bingo 5Board Game 6Comprehension Passages 7Desert Island Discs 8Double Name Game 9Hitting the Headlines 10 Read the Label 11 Odd One Out 12 Cheesy Rhymes 13 Highway Code 14 Names to Faces 15 Summing Up 16 What Am I? 17 Country Bingo 18 Chain Letters WRITING 1A Day in the Life 2Free Association 3Top Twenty 4Book codes 5Scrambled Songs 6 Jumblies 7Pasty Faces 8You're the Chef 9Same and Different 10 Storyline 11 The Noun Game 12 The Adjective Game 13 Millionaire 14 Dream Holiday 15 Heaven on Earth 16 Letting off Steam 17 Secret Santa 18 Postbag.


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