Counselling with Reality Therapy

Counselling with Reality Therapy

Counselling with Reality Therapy by Robert Wubbolding & John Brickell.  Reality therapy is a cognitive behavioural therapy method that continues to grow in popularity as a therapeutic approach owing to its wide applicability, its highly practical and interactive methodology, and its actual track record in counselling and helping people. This book forms an easy-to-use introduction to this approach and includes: - A discussion of the concepts behind reality therapy, choice theory, the counselling environment, procedures and special applications; - Information on how this approach has a wide application, including developing responsibility, motivation, self-esteem, improving relationships, dealing with discipline and problems and addictions; - Details of how this technique can be used in schools, by the probation service, in prisons, at work, within clinics and the health service and in many other areas where counselling is necessary.

History of reality therapy; Choice theory: the psychology underlying reality therapy; Creating the counselling relationship; The procedures that lead to change: the 'WDEP system'; Reality therapy and group counselling; Application to schools; Relationship counselling; Reality therapy and addictions treatment; Paradoxical techniques.

002 3114 - Counselling with Reality Therapy

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