Stress Anxiety Depression

Stress Anxiety Depression

Stress Anxiety Depression by Martin Simmons & Peter Daw. Allowing clients to work on their own problems and at their own pace, this excellent title recognises that solving personal problems is a skill to be learnt just like any other. It teaches the reader the necessary skills and then guides the use of those skills through organised action plans and practical self help programmes. Excellent for helping to build confidence in relationships, communicating with others and understanding personal choice. Helps the user overcome guilt, anger, moodiness, depression, stress and anxiety. Encourages a more relaxed approach and helps to handle conflict at home and in work. All of the exercises, questionnaires and action plans can be freely photocopied.

Minds and bodies Life style; Understanding ourselves; An anxiety management programme; Gloom, sadness depression; Growing further ; communicating clearly, relationships, meditation.

002 1938 - Stress Anxiety Depression

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