Depression - A Cognitive Approach by Geoff Tomlinson & Dawn Slater. Based on cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, this resource book describes how to treat mild to moderate depression. Aimed at the professional with little or no experience of treating depression, it provides detailed instructions on recognising a client's profile of depression, identifying dysfunctional thinking patterns and following through the ten steps for treatment. The methods described can be used with clients exhibiting mild to moderate depression in most therapeutic situations and also for people suffering from severe depression if they are in an in-patient setting. Divided into three parts - Part 1 contains basic information about depression, cognitive therapy and other approaches to treatment; Part 2 gives practical guidance in 10 steps to help clients overcome depression; and Part 3 provides additional information about sub-types of depression, drug treatment and the management of suicide and self-harm. Each step has handouts that can be photocopied and given to the client. Suitable for use with groups as well as individuals.

Part 1 Basic Information: Principles of Cognitive Therapy; The Cognitive Model of Depression; Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Depressed Individuals; Reasons for Failure in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Other Approaches; Other Therapeutic Models Part 2 Therapeutic Steps Part 3 Additional Information: Drug Treatment and Increasing Adherence to Medication; Management of Suicide; Management of Self-harm; Types of Depression; Additional Reading.

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