Teamwork - A Guide to Successful Collaboration in Health & Social Care by Sue Hutchings, Judy Hall & Barbara Lovelady.  In today's world, health and social care policy and theories can evolve and be disseminated at an ever increasing speed, making the simple act of keeping up-to-date and informed difficult and exhausting. "Will guide you through the key concepts, ideas, policy and politics that are involved in multi-professional teamworking today; "Aims to make sense of collaborative working, and to help illuminate the implications this has for practice and professional development; "Is practically orientated, and based on the authors' own thoughts, research and experiences; "Will develop your understanding of the nature of collaboration and provide you with ideas on how to begin to nurture collaboration in your own workplace setting. Ultimately, the most important outcome of this way of working is better quality care for patients and more person centred, needs-led health and social services.

Introduction; Section A: Learning by doing - personal reflections on collaboration; Section B: Understanding the nature of collaboration; Section C: The benefits of collaboration; Section D: Preventing collaboration; Section E: Demonstrating collaboration.

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