A Social Communication Skills Package by Alex Kelly. This hugely popular photocopiable manual provides professionals with a framework for the development of social skills. Initially piloted on adolescents with mild learning difficulties, it can be used with a variety of client groups, both children and adults. Beginning with a basic assessment procedure to evaluate the client's self-awareness, as well as the awareness of others, it is divided into six levels: 1.Improving the awareness of self and others, including physical appearance, likes, dislikes and problem solving; 2.Allowing clients to assess their own communication skills; 3.Taking the client through eight levels of body language; 4.'Talkabout the way we talk' improving paralinguistic skills; 5.Taking the client through the processes needed to improve conversational and listening skills; 6.Awareness and use of assertiveness skills. Practical and user-friendly, this comprehensive workbook is an essential resource for therapists running social skills groups.

Talkabout me and you; Talkabout communication; Talkabout body language; Talkabout the way we talk; Talkabout conversations; Talkabout assertiveness.

9781909301542 - Talkabout - A Social Communication Skills Package

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