Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management In 10 Groupwork Sessions by Robin Dynes. Designed for anyone wanting to develop an anxiety management programme for use with groups or individuals, this practical handbook will be invaluable to anyone who is called upon to respond to people who have anxiety problems. It is divided into two parts :- Part 1 : Information for anxiety management training. Part 2 : 10 chapters each looking at specific aspect of anxiety management. This is an invaluable working manual which will help everyone understand anxiety and to explore techniques for successfully controlling it.

Each chapter has photocopiable session plans, exercises and handouts are provided, to create a 10 week programme which is adaptable for use with all client groups and to the time available. PART 1 : provides information for anxiety management training. PART 2 : Consists of 10 chapters each looking at a specific aspect of anxiety management including, understanding anxiety. Facing your fears, solving problems and making decisions, coping with stress and managing common situations.

002 4178 - Anxiety Management

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