101 Playground Games

101 Playground Games by Therese Hoyle

 A collection of active and engaging games for children. Over the last 10 years Therese Hoyle has run Positive Playground Programmes in schools throughout the UK and New Zealand; this book draws on her hands-on experience. Well-researched, it recognises the importance of children's experiences in the school playground and provides a practical toolkit of ideas to promote lively and enjoyable games. It draws on traditional games and also introduces a wealth of new ones, including: • Chasing and catching games • Skipping games and rhymes • Singing and dancing games • Parachute games • Quiet games • Circle games • Co-operative games • Games from around the world. This comprehensive collection provides clear instructions for adults on how to organise the games and is a resource that will make any playtime a richer experience for all. A4, 181pp with CD Rom Age 5-11

Using the CD Rom Dedication Acknowledgements Foreword by Robert Holden Introduction Why Encourage Children to Play Games? How to Use this Book 1. Traditional Playground Games 2. Tag Games 3. Chasing and Catching Games 4. Singing and Dancing Games 5. Skipping Games and Rhymes 6. Circle Games 7. Parchute Games 8. Quiet Games 9. Co-operative Games 10. Games from Around the World Appendix Internet Resources for Playground Games.

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