Big Book of Blobs

Big Book of Blobs

Big Book of Blobs by  Pip Wilson & Ian Long.

A photocopiable collection of blob pictures to promote discussion. These blob pictures offer a unique way to initiate discussion about all sorts of issues and subjects. They are organised into themes and scenarios that include: Places - beach, cinema, cliff, concert, disco, homes, playground, staffroom, village | Issues - bullying, death, disaster, divide, fame, families, feast, money, parents, protests, romance, sleep, talk, water safety, world | Occasions - Christmas, Easter, football, lecture, nativity, Olympics, skateboarding | Personal Development - body, caged, caring, doors, leaps, river, rock, shadows, valley, vertigo. Each picture is accompanied by ideas and questions to kick-start class, group or one-to-one discussion. Complete book included on accompanying CD Rom.

About the Authors Introduction Theme 1: Places Theme 2: Issues Theme 3: Occasions Theme 4: Personal Development

"The more you look at the materials the greater number of uses you can see for them. Anyone who buys these books will find them of enormous value in promoting pupils' emotional and physical well being and safety...worth every penny." Carol Smart, SNIP "This book provides a whole tool box full of resources to start discussions over a huge range of subjects. It will enable the discussion to be better focused and in more depth." Review by Norman Cooper, Barnados Family Worker, Facts & Fiction Magazine


9780863887222  Big Book of Blobs

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