Draw on Your Relationships

Draw on Your Relationships

Draw on Your Relationships by Margot Sunderland. 

Written by the award-winning author of Draw on Your Emotions, this book is designed for professionals to help people explore, communicate and learn more about themselves in light of their relationships. Many children, teenagers and adults never sit down to reflect on their relationships. As a result, they can endlessly repeat destructive relationship patterns, pick people who are bad for them, stay in deadening relationships, or destroy the lovely relationships they do have. Consequently, this book is designed to empower people to improve their quality of life by improving their relationship life. " The photocopiable exercises are specifically designed to ease the whole process of talking about relationships. They support the process of communicating and exploring feelings in ways the person may not have done previously. With the help of the pictures as vital openers or triggers, people are often able to describe their perceptions and emotions far more exactly than with words alone. The book provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the exercises with clients, and how to develop a theme when the drawings open up a rich channel of communication. " Useful for a multitude of different client groups, and for children from the age of six upwards. Special sections for children and young people acknowledge their different situations and the book is an excellent resource for the PSHE curriculum. " Whilst many of the exercises are appropriate for one person to do on their own, others are designed for two or more people to do together for when a practitioner is working with a couple, a parent and child, or with a family.

About human relationships, key psychology and brain science; Destructive relationships; Depriving, draining & deadening relationships; Life changing relationships; Connections and moments of meeting; When love hurts; Relationship and fear; Parent-child relationships; Families; Couples; Relationship with self; The Art of relationship

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