Seasonal Activities for Sensorimotor Development

Seasonal Activities for Sensorimotor Development

Seasonal Activities for Sensorimotor Development by Ann Bavosa. Following a tasty menu format, this book contains easy-to-use activities for therapists, educators and carers to provide fun and engaging sensorimotor groups for students with movement and sensory dysfunction. There are sensory-regulating warm-up appetizers to increase body awareness and prepare the students for movement; main course activities to strengthen fine and gross motor skills; and cool-down desserts to regulate the body and assimilate benefits gained during group activities. The recipes are suitable for use with any school-age students, including those without movement difficulties, but are especially beneficial for students with mild to moderate motor disabilities, who exhibit increased difficulty functioning in a group setting. - The activities span an entire year with a different main activity for each week. Themed by season, the activities can be linked to the school year and incorporated into the classroom. - The activities promote socialisation, postural strengthening, improvement of gross and fine motor skills, and self-regulation of the body. - Comprehensive instructions on how to run a group are included, as well as benefits and adaptations for severely affected individuals and wheelchair users.

Introduction; Working with different kinds of Groups; Influence of the sensory system on motor control; How to use this book; Appetisers or warm-up activities; Main courses or main activities (January - December); Desserts or cool-down activities.

9780863885303 - Seasonal Activities for Sensorimotor Development

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