Positive Interaction Skills

Positive Interaction Skills

Positive Interaction Skills - A Group Therapy Manual by Robin Dynes.

This practical, photocopiable manual provides group leaders with a flexible programme to teach interaction skills that can be adapted to a wide variety of groups, situations and needs. The programme will benefit anyone who lacks adequate skills or who has difficulty interacting with other people at home, socially or at work, for example adults with very few or no formal qualifications, people with depression or schizophrenia, young people in schools or people with learning disabilities. The book is filled with workable ideas and the sessions are designed to be used independently as required to meet identified needs. Full guidance notes for facilitators, session plans, handouts and activity guidelines are provided and this will be an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to run an interaction skills programme.

Part 1 Preparing to run an interaction skills group: Introduction; Organising the group; Guidelines for success; Strategies to overcome common problems; Part 2 Positive interaction skills sessions: Introducing positive interaction skills; Exploring social perception; Recognising influences on interaction; Developing support networks; Understanding body language; Making conversation; Learning to listen; Starting, sustaining and ending friendships; Establishing and keeping close relationships; Appreciating other points of view; Creating trust and learning to self-disclose; Resolving conflict in relationships; Being assertive and handling criticism; Overcoming shyness and loneliness; Building confidence and self-esteem; Managing emotions; Improving self-management skills.

9780863883606 - Positive Interaction Skills

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