Osebni predmeti

Osebni predmeti

 Pocket ColorCards for Adults: Personal items

A versatile set illustrating personal belongings - For improving vocabulary, communicating needs or as a flexible and targeted tool for language development with older adults, these 40 photographic cards are an essential tool for therapists and carers. - Includes: personal hygiene (eg, comb; nail scissors; deodorant; false teeth; hair dryer); medical aids (eg, prescription; hearing aid; communication book or aid; spectacles); valuables (eg, wallet; cheque book; allowance book; mobile phone; jewellery; watch; handbag; wedding ring); clothing (eg, dressing gown; slippers; shoes; overcoat); practical personal (eg, pen and paper; diary; family photos; personal stereo; book; magazine; cushion; letter).


001 5341 - Osebni predmeti

40 kartice - 127 x 90mm

Cena z DDV €27,56


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