Prosti čas

Pocket ColorCards for Adults: Leisure Time

Encourage discussion of activities and interests - These clear and lively photographic cards illustrate 40 popular activities and interests to promote discussion and communication. - Use them to stimulate conversation, to communicate desires, or to develop vocabulary. - Includes: indoor activities (eg, watching television; playing cards; playing the piano); outdoor activities (eg, gardening; walking the dog; fishing); sports (eg, cricket; tennis; football; swimming); arts and crafts (eg, painting; baking; knitting; DIY); out and about (eg, going on holiday; going to a restaurant; going to the pub or a bar; quiz night; going to the theatre); activities to relax (eg, listening to music; yoga; having a cigarette).

001 5340 - Prosti čas

40 kartice - 127 x 90mm

Cena z DDV €27,56


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