V bolnici

V bolnici

Pocket ColorCards for Adults: In Hospital

 An essential pack for staff and visitors - For people with communication difficulties, a stay in hospital can be a difficult and upsetting time. These 40 photographic cards help the client, therapist and carers to discuss worries or issues; to communicate needs or wants; and to aid familiarisation with the environment or procedures. - Includes: personnel (eg, nurse; physiotherapist; speech language therapist); medical procedures (eg, X-Ray; MRI/Cat scan; ECG; videofluroscopy); equipment (eg, thermometer; zimmer frame; commode; bedpan); paperwork (menu card; appointment card; medical notes); moving on (eg, leaving hospital; the canteen; nursing home; an ambulance).     


001 5338 - V bolnici

40 kartice - 127 x 90mm

Cena z DDV €27,56


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