Vsakdanje življenje

Pocket ColorCards for Adults: Everyday Life

For a comprehensive series of daily living activities - These photographic flashcards provide clear and appealing images of 40 of the most common activities for daily living. Essential for all professionals and carers working with older adults with communication difficulties, these cards are a flexible tool to aid communication; develop vocabulary; initiate conversation and discussion; and to encourage independence. - Includes: household chores (eg, vacuuming/dusting; making the beds; ironing; washing up; doing the laundry); personal hygiene (eg, bathing; cleaning teeth; dressing; going to the toilet; getting a haircut); out and about (eg, shopping; driving; walking; riding a scooter; catching a bus); financial (eg, collecting pension; paying for items; paying bills; writing a cheque); at home (eg, making tea; telephoning; making a sandwich; preparing dinner; sleeping; getting out of bed).


001 5339 - Vsakdanje življenje

40 kartice - 127 x 90mm

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