Eating & Drinking Difficulties in Children

Eating & Drinking Difficulties in Children

Eating & Drinking Difficulties in Children - A  Guide for Practitioners by April Winstock. Clearly illustrated, this is the ultimate practical handbook for all professionals working with children with eating and drinking difficulties, and an essential guide for all students studying this area of therapy. Covering the complex issues involved in the field of eating and drinking difficulties in children, this text: - Examines the theoretical background while maintaining a clear focus on its practical application; - Provides essential information on all the relevant issues; - Contains an invaluable range of photocopiable material for each chapter, which can be given to families and professional colleagues; - Provides a range of appendices with details of useful resources including a reference list and suppliers of equipment.

Families and Mealtimes; The normal development of eating and drinking; The occurrence of eating and drinking difficulties and swallowing dysfunction; Motor factors the limit oral-motor skills; Positioning for eating and drinking; Communication at mealtimes; Sensory issues; Nutrition; Gastro-oesophageal reflux; Tube feeding; Mealtime safety, preventing infection, managing choking; Assessment; Management; Oral hygiene; Saliva control; Special issues regarding the child with a visual impairment; Special considerations relevant to schools.

9780863884269 - Eating & Drinking Difficulties in Children

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